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Guidelines of submission

Given the large number of music we received, we decided to streamline the submission process.

From now on, all the proposals must be submitted on this page.

In order to simplify the process, please comply with the following guidelines :

  • Submissions are always open.
  • Submit a maximum of one song per day.
  • All the submissions must be in the form of YouTube, SoundCloud or Audiomack link.
  • Do not submit the same song in the same week. Duplicates will be automatically deleted.
  • Freestyles on licensed or copyrighted beats are prohibited. We only accept original creations, including production.
  • SPAM will not be tolerated. Any attempt to overload our system will result in the disqualification of the person involved and the blocking of his account.

Submit your video/single on RAP OU CREVE

Submissions are always open. All videos and singles received will be viewed by our team. Once validated, they will be broadcast on the website as soon as possible. Good luck !